Writing a Question

Something about your life is troubling you, and you want to understand why it is happening and what you can do. The best kind of tarot reading for this situation is the Question Reading. You write a question about your problem, and you receive your answer by interpreting the cards.

The first step is to review your situation thoroughly. Think about all the people involved, directly or indirectly. You must use your intuition, not logical analysis.

Once you have finished your review, you can write your question.

Accept Responsibility

Write your tarot question to show that you accept responsibility for your situation.

We all seek the certainty that we're making good choices, but the tarot can't make our decisions for us. Avoid questions that deflect responsibility, such as:

  • Questions to be answered "Yes" or "No"
  • Questions beginning with "Should..."
  • Questions asking only about time

Instead, begin your questions with phrases such as these:

  • Can you give me insight into ...
  • What do I need to understand about ...
  • What is the meaning of ...
  • What is the lesson or purpose of ...

Keep Your Options Open

Write your question to show that you are keeping your options open.

Find the Best Level of Detail

Seek the fine line between wording that is too vague and too detailed. Here are three questions on the same topic:

Focus On Yourself

When you do a reading for yourself, you are always the central character. Your question should focus on you. There are times when questions about others are fine, but not when you are concentrating on your own concerns.

Sometimes you may not realize you are orienting your question around someone else. Consider these:

Stay Neutral

You want to stay as neutral as possible when writing your questions. It is easy to begin a reading convinced that your position is the right one, but if you truly want to receive guidance, you need to be open to other points of view.

Be Positive

Be positive when writing your questions.

You may be wondering why I have gone into so much detail about writing a question. This process is a focusing exercise that prepares you for the reading that follows. Writing a question usually takes no more than three or four minutes, but, for that small investment in time, you reap big rewards. You understand your situation better and can interpret your reading with more insight.

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