The Environment

The environment of a tarot reading includes the physical setting and your internal state. There are five inner qualities:

  • Being Open
    Being open means being receptive. By being open, you give yourself the chance to receive what you need to know.
  • Being Calm
    It is hard to hear the whispers of your Inner Guide when you are in turmoil.
  • Being Focused
    Focus is very important for a tarot reading. I have found that whenever I feel a question strongly, I receive a direct and powerful message.
  • Being Alert
    When you are alert, all your faculties are alive and awake.
  • Being Respectful
    Being respectful means treating the cards as you would any valued tool.

The best way to decide if the time is right for a reading is to look inside.

The ideal place is one that elicits feelings of quiet, peace, even reverence.

Set aside a place in your home where you will do your readings. By using the same spot over and over, you build up an energy that reinforces your practice.

When you use the cards, you want to turn away from the everyday world and go into a space that is outside time and the normal flow of events. A separate room is ideal

Try also to create an atmosphere of beauty and meaning. A talisman, figure or religious icon can help you shift your focus from the mundane to the inspirational.

The only thing you really need is a space large enough to lay out the cards. You can use either a table or the floor.

If you like, you can cover the table or floor with a cloth to create a uniform area.

Store your cards in a container to protect them and contain their energies. Consider keeping your cards wrapped in silk cloth when inside their container. Silk has a luxurious feel that will remind you of the value you place on your cards.

Tarot cards pick up the energy and character of those who use them.

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