The Daily Reading

Lesson 5 tarot, the daily reading, tarot lessons, tarot cardsYou are now ready to begin putting your tarot knowledge to work. This lesson describes the Daily Reading. In this reading, you select a single card that becomes your theme for the day. The purpose is to heighten your awareness of one approach to life for a single day.

You may want to choose your daily card deliberately so you can avoid repeat selections and learn the deck more quickly.

  • Shuffle the deck once or twice.
  • Hold the deck face down in one hand and cover it with your other hand.
  • Pause a moment to become centered.
  • Ask your Inner Guide to give you the guidance you need for the day.
  • Place the deck face down in front of you.
  • Cut the deck to the left and restack it.
  • Turn over the top card as your card of the day.
  • Return this card to the deck, and shuffle once or twice.

This procedure is easy to do on a daily basis. Choose a time that works for you. Mornings are good because you can pick a card during your wake-up routine.

Keep a journal of your selections. Later, you will find it interesting to trace the pattern of your choices.

The journal helps you see at a glance the shifting tarot patterns of your weeks and months.

The most important step in learning the tarot is to take the cards out of the box regularly. The Daily Reading is the ideal solution.

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