Creating the Story

In this lesson, you will learn how to create a tarot story. This is not an easy process to describe because storytelling is an art.

The techniques you've learned so far have been based on the idea that you must figure out what the cards are saying, but this is not really the case. If you think of a tarot reading as an object to be dissected, you will have trouble grasping its full meaning. A tarot story doesn't come from without; it arises from within. Your stories are come from a part of you that is seeking expression and conscious realization.

The secret of creating a tarot story is getting from intellectual understanding to knowing. To do this, you need to learn to recognize and honor your feelings. Feelings in this sense are not moods or emotions.

The best way I've found to release inner knowing is through stream-of-consciousness talking - saying your thoughts out loud as they occur, uncensored and uncontrolled. You make no attempt to organize or clean up your speech. You simply let the words come out.

Your first attempts will probably be awkward, but your stories will improve with practice. You will develop an ability to guide the flow of words without imposing your will on them.

It's not necessary to rush or talk continually. You can pause whenever you want, but avoid thinking when this happens.

Lesson 18 tarot, creating the story, tarot lessons, tarot cardsSometimes your story will just flow. You will have no trouble fitting everything together. Certain cards will stay stubbornly obscure. The moment may not be right for you to fully grasp these cards, or all the pieces of the story may not yet be in place.

Don't be concerned if you can't always create a beautiful narrative. Sometimes knowing comes in fragments. Stay with a reading only as long as the effort seems worthwhile.

A good tarot spread makes weaving the pattern of the cards easy. By following the spread's built-in structure, your story unfolds naturally. Each spread has its own character based on its history, form and purpose.

Your tarot story ends when your talking begins to wind down and come to a stop. A few stray thoughts may still occur to you, but the main theme will have been established.

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