Card Pairs

A tarot reading is a map of all the counterbalancing tendencies that are or could be operating in your life at one time. To read this map, you must understand the Law of Opposition - that any quality, once identified, implies its opposite.

At the deepest level, opposition does not exist. There is just Oneness, but, in physical life, we perceive Oneness as broken up into countless different energies. These are the forces we navigate in our search for balance.

One way to discover your balance issues is by looking for two cards in a reading that oppose each other. One meaning of the Eight of Swords is restriction - being trapped in an oppressive or limiting situation. If you ponder this meaning for awhile, you realize that simply by acknowledging the idea of restriction, you imply the opposing idea of freedom - the breaking out of bonds and limitations. This quality is represented by the Four of Wands.

Lesson 15 tarot, tarot lessons, tarot cardsIn a tarot reading, these two cards could be showing you the importance of the restriction/freedom issue in your life.

Permanent Pairs

Court Card and Ace Pairs

Lesson 15 tarot, tarot lessons, tarot cardsYou can create a pair between any two court cards or two Aces. These pairs reflect the balance patterns that emerge when you contrast two suits or ranks.

Lesson 15 tarot, tarot lessons, tarot cardsConsider the King of Pentacles and the Queen of Cups. Here are the keywords for these cards:




King of Pentacles

  • enterprising
  • adept
  • reliable
  • supporting
  • steady
Lesson 15 tarot, tarot lessons, tarot cards

Queen of Cups

  • emotional
  • tenderhearted
  • intuitive
  • psychic
Lesson 15 tarot, tarot lessons, tarot cards

The King of Pentacles acts outwardly (King) in an enterprising, adept way based on his interest in the material world (Pentacles). The Queen of Cups has an inner focus (Queen) that is emotional and intuitive based on her concern with feelings (Cups).

Lesson 15 tarot, tarot lessons, tarot cardsIn a reading, this pair could represent a conflict between two people. This pair could also represent a dual approach within you

Lesson 15 tarot, tarot lessons, tarot cardsOccasional Pairs

Lesson 15 tarot, tarot lessons, tarot cardsYou can interpret any two cards as a pair, even if their meanings are not clearly opposites. There is so much meaning in every card that useful comparisons can almost always be made. Occasional pairs arise by chance, and their relationship lasts for only that one instance.

Lesson 15 tarot, tarot lessons, tarot cardsYou might see these two cards as defining the opposites of "being alone" or "being with others." This understanding might occur to you out of the blue as a possibility.

Reinforcing Pairs

Two cards do not have to oppose each other to form a pair. They can reinforce each other.

Balance issues are everywhere. Your tarot readings can help you identify them through the action of card pairs

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