Court Cards

The tarot has its own system of personalities represented by the 16 court cards - the King, Queen, Knight and Page of each suit.

Lesson 14 tarot, tarot lessons, tarot cardsKings

The King of Wands is creative, inspiring, forceful, charismatic and bold.. They are prime examples of its dynamic fire energy, but they also reflect the character of a King. Kings want to impact the world through the force of their personality.

Lesson 14 tarot, tarot lessons, tarot cardsQueens

The Queen of Wands is attractive, wholehearted, energetic, cheerful and self-Assured. This Queen is lively, but she does not wield her personality as a force directed outward. Queens express their suits from the inside, setting a tone without imposing it.

Lesson 14 tarot, tarot lessons, tarot cardsKnights

Knights are extremists; Such excessive feelings and behavior can be either positive or negative depending on the circumstances.

Lesson 14 tarot, tarot lessons, tarot cardsFor example, the Knight of Pentacles This Knight prefers to check and double-check everything. He always proceeds slowly before committing himself - the kind of person you would ask to fold your parachute or guide you through a mine field.

On the other hand, you could also say the Knight of Pentacles is unadventurous.

The keywords for the Knights are positive and negative word pairs (cautious/unadventurous). In readings, you must consider both views when interpreting a Knight.

Lesson 14 tarot, tarot lessons, tarot cardsPages

Each page shows a happy child holding the token of his suit. The Pages inspire us to enjoy their interests with them. The Page of Swords can represent the thrill of intellectual discovery or other mental challenges.

Pages also encourage you to "Go for it!" If you want what the Page is offering, don't be afraid. Seize the day!

If the Page of Cups is your card of the day, and a fellow student smiles at you, take this opportunity for friendship.

Lesson 14 tarot, tarot lessons, tarot cardsIn many tarot systems, the court cards represent people of a certain age and type. The Queen of Swords is often a divorced woman. The King's approach may be more typically masculine, but his style is also available to women.

A court card in a reading is showing you how a certain approach to life is impacting your situation.

Lesson 14 tarot, tarot lessons, tarot cardsA court card shows you a side of you that is being expressed or seeking expression. It may be a side you value, or one you neglect.

A court card can also represent another person. If you look at a court card and say to yourself, "I know who that is!" then it probably does represent that person. It may also indicate someone of whom you are not yet aware.

Lesson 14 tarot, tarot lessons, tarot cardsA court card can reflect the general atmosphere.

The court cards have a human dimension that the other cards do not, so they can give you clear messages about who you are and what you want.

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