Interpreting a Single Card

In this lesson, we will look at how to interpret one card in a reading on its own. There are four sources of meaning:

  1. The first is your unique response to the card based on your background, personality and state of mind.
  2. The second is the set of meanings that have built up around the card over the years.
  3. The third is the set of meanings associated with the position of a card.
  4. The fourth is your question or life circumstances. This element provides a framework for your responses.

Lesson 11 tarot, tarot lessons, tarot cardsTo interpret a card, you need to combine these four sources of meaning into some composite that makes sense to you.

At first, you will probably rely on the card and position meanings to guide you. Later, your personal reactions will be more important.

When you read through the actions, you are struck by the following:

  • kidding yourself about the facts
  • waiting for your ship to come in
  • lacking focus and commitment

On reading over the meanings for Position 5, you feel a pull toward:

  • your delusions and illusions
  • what you're obsessed about
  • what you've set your heart on

Lesson 11 tarot, tarot lessons, tarot cardsThe sense of this card is beginning to take shape for you. The card seems to be suggesting that you are too busy daydreaming to act constructively.

There is never just one right answer in tarot work! Both of these interpretations make sense. You may wonder how you can decide on the best meaning when there are so many possibilities. You must trust your intuition. Your Inner Guide will give you hints that will lead you toward the ideas that are most important for you.

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