The Open Reading

An Open Reading is a request for guidance that is not tied to a particular problem. You don't write a question. You simply give your Inner Guide an opportunity to communicate what you most need to know at a given moment.

An Open Reading has more scope. It covers your long-term growth and development. It offers a higher level of guidance that embraces the larger patterns that are shaping your everyday experiences.

Open Readings can be quite powerful. Consider them for special occasions, such as: birthdays, anniversaries, ceremonial days.

Open Readings are useful when you are standing on the threshold of a new phase, such as after the birth of a child or move to a new house. Open Readings can help you adjust to new or unpredictable situations ahead of time.

The procedure is basically the same as the one in lesson 8. The few differences are noted here.

Setting the Mood

To prepare for an Open Reading, you want to avoid the analysis that goes into writing a question. Simply let your mind empty of all cares and concerns.

Making A Statement

You can narrow the focus a little as long as you avoid specific people and events. If you're interested in your health, you can add a phrase to that effect:

I welcome a message of wisdom about my health and open myself to receive the guidance that I most need at this time.

Shuffling the Cards

Keep your mind free and open while you shuffle. If a thought drifts by, let it gently pass without fixing on it. Ideally, you should feel like an empty house with all the windows open to every soft breeze.

Cutting the Cards

Laying Out the Cards

Responding to the Cards

Analyzing the Cards

When analyzing the cards, you want to step back from the details of your life and let the cards show you the larger themes.

Creating the Story

Writing the Summary Statement

Finishing Up

Using What You Have Learned

It is not necessary to commit to specific actions. Simply absorb the spirit of the message and allow it to guide you in a general way.

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