Exercises - Lesson 6

The Environment

Exercise 1 Tarot- Creating a Place To Do Your Readings

Spend some time thinking about where you will do your tarot readings. Don't feel that you have to create a showcase location. Just see what you can do to create a setting that is pleasing and comfortable.

Exercise 2 Tarot - Quest for a Symbol

In this exercise, you will be announcing your intent to find or create an object that will be a personal symbol of your tarot practice. Once you have it, place it in your tarot spot as an inspiration for your work.

This card often stands for the feeling of joy and freedom that comes from beginning a new adventure. It is in this spirit that you will seek your object.

Hold the Fool in your hands, and close your eyes. Announce your desire to find or create a tarot symbol.

This exercise will strengthen your faith and commitment and leave you with a tangible symbol of your purpose. It will also help you learn that hidden within seemingly foolish acts is the experience of life as an adventure.

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