Exercises - Lesson 4

The Spread

Exercise 4 Tarot - Celtic Cross Spread

Spend a few minutes looking at the Celtic Cross Section so you understand how it is set up.

Now, lay out ten cards of your choice using this spread. Read the page for each position one by one. Think about the meaning each card takes on because it falls in a certain position.

Exercise 4 Tarot - Designing a Spread

Exercise 4 Tarot - Designing a SpreadYou can design spreads yourself to suit your needs. Create for yourself now a three-card tarot spread. Follow these steps:

Exercise 4 Tarot - Designing a Spread
  • Draw a picture of the physical layout - where the cards should go.
  • Number the positions to show order of placement.
  • Write a short phrase or two describing the meaning of each position.

This is a basic three-card spread that covers events in time.

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