Exercises - Lesson 15

Card Pairs

Exercise 1 Tarot - Permanent Pairs in the Major Arcana

Below are two scrambled lists of major arcana cards. Match each card in list 1 with the card in list 2 that you feel is its permanent opposing pair. Give a short meaning for each card that shows the balancing relationship. Try this exercise before looking at the card pages.

FoolHanged Man

Exercise 2 Tarot - Other Permanent Pairs

For each minor arcana card below:

  • Choose one meaning for the card.
  • Think of a meaning that is the opposite.
  • Find another card (major or minor) that suggests this opposite meaning.
  1. Two of Wands
  2. Ten of Pentacles
  3. Seven of Swords
  4. Two of Cups
  5. Five of Wands
  6. Five of Swords
  7. Eight of Pentacles
  8. Eight of Wands
  9. Nine of Cups

Exercise 3 Tarot - Court Card Pairs

People both help and annoy each other because of their differences. Below are twelve court card pairs. For each one:

  • Choose a personality trait for person A that is typical of that court card.
  • Describe one way A might help person B because of that trait.
  • Describe one way A might annoy person B because of that trait.


Knight of Swords: direct/blunt

helps the Queen of Pentacles to learn to say no. annoys the Queen of Pentacles when he is rude to strangers.

PAIR 1Knight of CupsQueen of Wands
PAIR 2King of WandsQueen of Cups
PAIR 3King of PentaclesKnight of Cups
PAIR 4Queen of PentaclesKing of Wands
PAIR 5King of SwordsKing of Pentacles
PAIR 6 King of CupsKing of Swords
PAIR 7 Queen of CupsQueen of Swords
PAIR 8Knight of Wands Queen of Pentacles
PAIR 9Queen of Wands Knight of Swords
PAIR 10 Knight of PentaclesKing of Cups
PAIR 11Queen of Swords Knight of Wands
PAIR 12 Knight of SwordsKnight of Pentacles

Exercise 4 Tarot - Reinforcing Pairs

For each card below:

  • Choose one meaning for the card.
  • Find a card that suggests a similar meaning.
  • For ideas, scan the keyword summary charts and the reinforcing cards section of each card.
  1. Three of Wands
  2. Four of Pentacles
  3. Temperance
  4. Three of Swords
  5. Five of Cups
  6. Eight of Wands
  7. Nine of Pentacles
  8. Justice
  9. Six of Cups

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