Eight of wands, wands, tarot cards


  • NEWS


  • making your move
  • striking while the iron is hot
  • declaring yourself openly
  • putting plans into action
  • rushing into a new area
  • moving into high gear
  • getting caught up in change
  • culminating an effort
  • having all elements come together
  • closing out an activity
  • experiencing a grand finale
  • finding a successful resolution
  • completing unfinished business
  • NEWS
  • getting an important message
  • obtaining a needed bit of information
  • finding the missing puzzle piece
  • discovering the truth
  • having a meaningful conversation
  • learning more

OPPOSING CARDS: Some Possibilities

  • High Priestess - waiting, holding off
  • Four of Swords - not rushing in, preparing
  • Seven of Pentacles - assessment, taking stock before action

REINFORCING CARDS: Some Possibilities

  • Magician - taking action, carrying out plans
  • Wheel of Fortune - rapid pace, quick developments
  • Death - conclusion, endings
  • Eight of Cups - finishing up, ending a chapter


In readings, the Eight of Wands is often a sign that now is the time to declare yourself. All the elements are ready and will work for you as long as you don't hesitate. The iron is hot - so strike! If events are in motion, they will proceed rapidly. You may feel caught in a whirlwind, but soon the dust will settle, and you see how your plans have fared.

The Eight of Wands also stands for the arrival of news or information. You may see or hear something important. The news could show up in a disguised form, so stay alert. Pay attention to everything that comes your way for a while.

This card also signifies endings. Sooner or later all activities run their course. The eight wands on this card not only symbolize putting events into motion, but also bringing them to a close. They appear to be ending their flight by coming down to earth. If you see the Eight of Wands in a reading, it may be time to conclude whatever you have been doing. Celebrate the past, but prepare to move on to something new.

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