The moon, major arcana, tarot cards


  • FEAR


  • FEAR
  • releasing inner demons
  • feeling a nameless apprehension
  • suffering from phobias
  • giving in to the shadow self
  • lacking courage
  • being overcome by anxieties
  • accepting a false picture
  • deceiving yourself
  • having unrealistic ideas
  • misapprehending the truth
  • experiencing distortions
  • chasing after a fantasy
  • having vivid dreams or visions
  • opening to fantasy
  • plumbing the unconscious
  • entertaining unusual thoughts
  • being outlandish and bizarre
  • losing direction and purpose
  • having trouble thinking clearly
  • becoming confused
  • being easily distracted
  • feeling disoriented
  • wandering aimlessly

OPPOSING CARDS: Some Possibilities

  • Star - being serene, untroubled, at peace
  • Sun - assurance, clarity, enlightenment

REINFORCING CARDS: Some Possibilities

  • Seven of Cups - illusions, unrealistic ideas, fantasy
  • Two of Swords - self-deception, not seeing the truth
  • Eight of Swords- confusion, lack of clarity


If you look around the room right now, you will see people and objects that are comforting in their familiarity. Everything is exactly as you expect it to be. You know that if you closed your eyes and opened them, the room would be the same. But...have you ever lost the familiar to find, in its place, a world so extraordinary you can't even grasp it? This is the experience of the Moon.

Most of the time we live in a tiny pocket of normality that we wrap around us like a security blanket. We turn our backs on the mysterious universe that waits outside. From time to time we may sneak a peak with our imagination, or venture out through fantasy or expanded awareness. We can be thrust out there unprepared through drugs, madness or intense experiences such as battle.

The Moon is the light of this realm - the world of shadow and night. Although this place is awesome, it does not have to be frightening. In the right circumstances, the Moon inspires and enchants. It holds out the promise that all you imagine can be yours. The Moon guides you to the unknown so you can allow the unusual into your life.

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