The tower, major arcana, tarot cards




  • experiencing upheaval
  • having plans disrupted
  • being surprised
  • undergoing a crisis
  • having routines shaken up
  • being in chaos
  • exploding
  • having an emotional outburst
  • erupting in anger
  • crashing through ego defenses
  • breaking through pretense
  • letting everything go
  • being humbled
  • experiencing a crash
  • toppling from the heights
  • having a downturn in fortune
  • suffering a blow to the ego
  • suddenly realizing the truth
  • exposing what was hidden
  • having a burst of insight
  • seeing through illusions
  • getting the answer
  • seeing everything in a flash

OPPOSING CARDS: Some Possibilities

  • Chariot - victory, control
  • Temperance - middle ground, staying together, contained
  • Star - serenity, calm
  • Six of Wands - acclaim, pride
  • Ten of Cups - peace, serenity

REINFORCING CARDS: Some Possibilities

  • Death - sweeping impact, powerful forces
  • Sun - enlightenment, revelation
  • Five of Pentacles - hard times


The Tower is an unsettling card. Fire, lightning, falling on jagged rocks - definitely looks like trouble! Card 16 will not be welcomed by those who dislike change. It represents a sudden, dramatic upheaval or reversal in fortune. Usually change is gradual, giving us time to adapt, but sometimes it is quick and explosive. This is the action of the Tower.

How you respond to the Tower's change makes all the difference in how uncomfortable the experience will be. Recognize that the disruption occurred because it was needed. Perhaps embracing the change is too much to ask, but try to find the positive in it. In fact, you may feel tremendous release that you have finally been forced in a new direction. You may have a burst of insight about your situation and reach a new level of understanding about it.

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